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was weaving and the almost luminous face of the man himself. "I, were I in your shoes, would not be anxious for the meeting."
The Master smiled a gentle smile, one tinged with a deep sadness as though for something beloved, and long lost.
" It's all over now you know.." the Dark One began.
"Ahhh. Not quite yet though " said Daffyd, his hands continuing their languid weave. " There remains time for one more scene. F'Chel Rak is on his way, I presume?"
Blood rushed to the face of the Dark One, and he half turned his head as though to ward off a blow unseen but expected. "His name should not be uttered " he mumbled, " but My Lord will be with us soon. .". He leaned, as though to rest his elbow on the battlement, but keeping his eyes on Daffyd and finding the range seemed somewhat beyond him just at this moment. He half-slipped, and red-faced snarled "  I would not be so anxious to meet him, were I in your shoes."
" Frankly, I can hardly wait " smiled Daffyd.
The air about the two seemed to gather in thickness, and a grey and somewhat turbid atmosphere grew until, with a fairly impressive explosion, there were three standing on the balcony. One's head was bowed in terror, or reverence; one stood openly smiling; one was cloaked in a moving darkness which ate the sunshine from the day itself.
Daffyd, still smiling, looked into the darkness and flicked his fingers towards the voracious void.
"You should have known better F'Chel Rak." This in the tone one would use to tell a child it's alright to leave the light off for sleep; that monsters are not so terrible. " You should be getting on home now. No fuss needed. 'Way you go.."
The Dark One raised his eyes and gaped about, suddenly unsure.
And their world came to an unutterably abrupt end. 

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